About us

A company with 430 hectares of its own vineyards and 800,000 bottles of appellation wines a year opened on 1st June 2020 a new, architecturally exceptional production, administration and presentation building, which marked a major milestone in its history.

The continuing tradition of our consistently high-quality wines, grapes from our vineyards located solely in the Znojmo wine sub-region, as well as modern production technology coupled with reliable distribution, friendly business, clear-cut business conditions and modern marketing have been added to by transregional architecture seen in the company’s new headquarters rooted in the gentle slopes of the U Hájku vineyard near Znojmo.

Over the past few years, LAHOFER Winery has become one of the largest vine growers in the Czech Republic.

The philosophy of our winery is to produce juicy wines with the right balance of acidity and natural residual sugar. Our quality appellation wines are based on the sound grapes grown in our vineyards, with attention to perfectly treated must and tireless year-round work in the cellar and the vineyards.

The outcomes of our hard work are steadily appreciated by expert committees at major international and domestic wine shows. Just taste for yourself!


The new winery building (project by Chybik+Kristof Associated Architects) with its outdoor amphitheatre evokes the shape of a wave that sinks into the vineyard, taking over its elements with full respect. The spacing and direction of the beams follow the rows of the vineyard, which makes it symbolically permeate the entire building. The plain base materials such as concrete, glass, metal and wood make up a space that is as rich as our wine that is made of quality grapes and with the skills of the winemaker.

Patrik Hábl, a leading Czech painter, dressed the vaulted ceiling of the visitors’ area and office space in a subtly expressive coat “tailored” from the particularities of the local terroir. He has inscribed on the rough concrete surface a sort of ode to the underground grapevine system – the invisible yet key essence to the quality of grapes.

LAHOtéka, as we call the visitors’ area, combines a wine shop, tasting room and a place to sit with friends over a glass of wine. The adjacent small cellar is designed for tasting sessions in small groups.

The outdoor amphitheatre, used in the summertime for concerts, theatre performances and film screenings, leads visitors to a walking roof, which serves as a generous observation deck overlooking the surrounding area.


Our wines are born in the vineyards we know best. These are the ones in the Znojmo region and those that we take care of ourselves. Our vines are tended with love and care, using an eco-friendly integrated production system. We take the same approach in the cellar work and production stage before the wine gets into bottles.

Our winery produces wines in the process of controlled fermentation not only in stainless steel tanks; we also use wooden barrels, concrete tanks, and qvevri containers.

When it comes to wines, we lay emphasis on their varieties, aroma, balanced acidity and residual sugar, and purity.



The matte black label with red accents and the metallic silver logo combined with the distinctive shape of the bottles are typical features of our standard line of wines. They are produced by controlled fermentation in stainless steel tanks. The entire line consists of appellation wines (ranging from the cabinet, late harvest and select harvest to select berry harvest), and customers will find a wide offer of varieties.


VOC Znojmo

Over the years of its existence, VOC Znojmo, the first Czech appellation system, has become a synonym for steadily high quality. It is derived from the best the Znojmo wine region has to offer in its three traditional varieties (Riesling, Grüner Veltliner, Sauvignon) or their cuvées. All the wines undergo a demanding classification process, making the VOC Znojmo emblem an easily recognizable brand that makes it easier to choose and buy.




Lighter wines are primarily based on primary aromatics, usually in the attribute of cabinet wine, ideally complementing various types of dishes. It is not only for this feature that wines of this line have become popular among gastronomy professionals and ordinary consumers. In this line, we offer four dry wines (Müller Thurgau, Riesling, Grüner Veltliner and Frühroter Veltliner), one red wine (André or Saint Laurent), and one semi-sweet rosé wine (Saint Laurent).



A new product line inspired by a “wave” – the architectural wave of our building and, above all, the new wave of technological possibilities. After moving to new premises, our production capacities have largely expanded since 2020. The WAVE line presents wines produced by methods previously untried in our winery – in concrete tanks, wooden barrels and qvevri containers.
The first wine of the line was Gewürztraminer WAVE YOUTH Edition, produced by our young technologists, Lenka Havelková and Ondřej Kubic. The edition has since been set aside for the emerging generation of technologists at LAHOFER Winery, who are free to use it to test their knowledge and youthful inventiveness. Subsequently, we launched wines aged in concrete tanks (WAVE BETON) and in traditional Georgian qvevris (WAVE KVEVRI).
The WAVE ART edition represents the best of the art of our enologist and cellar master Jiří Lancman. It will appeal especially to lovers of full-bodied and monumental wines. Several months of ageing in oak or acacia barrels give the wines a powerful body and highlight their typical varietal character. A harmonious and full-bodied flavour underlines the varied palette of aromas. The edition is limited, with only a few hundred bottles produced in each production.


Young Wines

Every year, wine lovers eagerly await the first wines from the new harvest around St Martin’s Day (11. 11.). Our “Young” wines are the answer to this waiting. The adjustment of the pair of light and fresh wines is also lightly youthful and each year comes with a renewal of the basic theme.

Young Male LAHOFER – semi-dry
Müller Thurgau and Moravian Muscat cuvées
Young Female LAHOFER – semi-sweet
Saint Laurent rosé



Sparkling wine, Frizzante and Prosecco. A triumvirate of drinks that will be appreciated by fans of sparkling wines. Sparkling wine is produced by the traditional method of fermentation in a bottle. It is dry and made of the Neuburger variety. Frizzante sparkling rosé, on the other hand, is full of delicious residual sugar. The selection of wines “with bubbles” is complemented by the Italian Prosecco DOC, Extra Dry, which is made especially for us by Italian winemakers from the Veneto region.


Since 2021, we have been importing the raw material used for red wine production from the Languedoc region in the south of France to complete our range. The semi-finished product is then “trained” by our cellar master in our winery. The French line features a label saying clearly the wine inside is made from grapes grown in France. In recent years, we have produced for the French line wines from the blue varieties of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and LAHOFER Rouge cuvée.




Our belief is that good wine is born in the vineyard. Except for wines from France and Italy, our entire production comes from grapes grown in our vineyards in the Znojmo wine sub-region. We are one of the largest and most significant vine growers in the Czech Republic.

We manage 430 hectares of vineyards in the Znojmo region, including the renowned ones of Lampelberg, U Hájku, Babičák, Waldberg and Volné pole. We grow all of the major Central European varieties.



An attractive tasting room with the capacity for up to 70 people and a cellar for smaller groups. In fine weather also a garden or an outdoor amphitheatre with an observation deck.
Address:  LAHOFER Winery • Vinice 579, Dobšice



The architectural solution for the renovation of a part of the former brewery (project by Chybik+Kristof Associated Architects) opened a new, fascinating view of the historic city centre. In a seven-day year-round operation, it offers 120 samples of wines from 30 wineries from the Znojmo wine sub-region. Self-service vending machines powered by the By the Glass® system allow a choice of three tasting quantities.
Address: Hradní 2, Znojmo



Located in the very historical centre of Znojmo. A modern hotel in a renovated medieval house. A large cellar (40 persons), small cellar (14 persons), lounge (20 persons).
Address: Veselá 13, Znojmo


Rajská vinice Tasting Gazebo

An ancient stone gazebo with an observation deck in the picturesque setting below the Church of St Nicolas serves as a tasting stand of our wines in the summer season.
Address: Znojmo historic centre


Lampelberg Wine Castle

A small romantic castle with a circular tower and an observation deck that opens up a view as far as the distant horizons of the Lower Austrian vineyards. In the summertime, it offers wine tasting for hiking and biking visitors.
Address: area of Vrbovec village, Lampelberg vineyard


Vinařství LAHOFER; Vinice 579, 671 82 Dobšice
IN: 25513940 VAT: CZ699003063